How to Become an SEO Expert: Easy Way

Are you an owner of a website who is not getting much traffic on it? You might have completed all the checklist by updating your site every single day by uploading content and articles, news and catchy images but what are the reasons that you are not getting that much visits? That may be because you haven’t done SEO on the site. SEO is like a fuel of any site, when done the right and best SEO on your website, it can become a minting machine within days. Did you know that an amateur SEO expert can earn more than 50,000 AED per year and a PRO SEO expert can earn more than 140,000 AED per year? The figures are always increasing when it comes to SEO because when your AdSense gets approved and your website is making money then you can earn double of what you paid to the SEO expert.

But why waste any money when you can become an expert within months. But first, you need to understand how it works! SEO is all based on different search engines and each search engine has different rules of searching which makes a website on stand on top results. For example, you have made a software in which anyone can search by typing a name and the results are there. While there is a person who has made a software where another person has to just a keyword and the result shows up. This is all because of the code and the way that people search. There are people who will write, how to learn SEO or how to study SEO. The results can matter a lot in both searches. And this is where, you need to think and see how people search and what methods does the search engine imply with that.

By understanding both these things, you will be able to write different SEO words and keywords which will cause your website to show up when anyone searches for that information. This kind of knowledge can be gained by doing small surveys around you and see what are people typing when they need to find a specific information.

If you want to learn fast, you need to get in touch with one of the top SEO agencies in Dubai or you can also visit different web design companies in Abu Dhabi.