Different types of cleaning agents and their uses

Different types of cleaning agents and their uses

In order to keep the house clean and away from diseases and insects, there is a need of such agents which will make sure that things are deeply well cleaned. There are different cleaning agents which are used in different ways to clean off different surfaces by doing their magic. The trick lies in knowing when to use which cleaning agent. So here is a guide on how to do that.

  • Detergent

This is the most common type of cleaning agent which you must have seen several times used in kitchen in different forms. They come in liquid, powder, gel or even crystal form to be used in different things. They are good in removing dirt and soil by washing it away with its petroleum products inside. Detergents come in all forms because they are used in many different places like a liquid detergent in removing stains, a powder one in getting rid of dry stains and many other things.

  • Degreasers

As suggested by its name, degreasers are used to remove stubborn grease stains which are mostly found on the countertops, ovens, microwaves and grill backsplashes. They are packed with methyl spirits also known as white spirit which cuts through the grease. There are different sorts of innovations brought to the solvent cleaners which include non toxic, non fuming chemical contamination to keep the environment chemical free by still doing its own work.

  • Abrasives

This is not a very common kitchen cleaning agent probably because they tend to leave scratches on plastics and stainless steel. They are usually used to remove off dirt from hard surfaces in the kitchen which are mostly found on floors. In some commercial kitchens, abrasives are also used on pots and pans but need to be handled very carefully because of its staining nature.

  • Acids

This is a rarely used cleaning agent and even if it is used, we would recommend you being extra careful because if acids are not diluted properly in the water, they have a very corrosive nature and can result in harmful condition. They are also very poisonous and that’s why not only kids but adults are also asked to maintain a distance from them while using it. They are mostly used to remove mineral deposits from stubborn places.

Now that you have all of this information about cleaning agents, you will be able to choose the one that is best for your individual requirements and cleaning preferences.