Three principles to design a kitchen

Kitchen is the most of the house. There are three basic principles to design. The principles are given and explained below:

Symmetry and visual spaces: The quality of composed and eccentric kitchen is that they are spacious and designed symmetrically. There are four basics symmetries: traditional, casual, contemporary and modern. However, you can ask the designer to use two or three symmetries as well to create a kitchen. However, it is required that the whole kitchen should be designed according to the symmetry you have selected. Tables and cabinets should be designed according to the symmetry. Chairs and dining table should be placed at the centre place of the kitchen to make it looked composed and attentions binding. You can hang a small flower or frame on that wall to enhance it.

Focal point: Focal point is the point that can grab the attention of the person who enters the place. It can be any object, display, wall, the color of the wall or any piece of furniture. Small kitchen has one focal point but a big kitchen have numerous. A person is required to use the point carefully and completely to make it look chic. The focal point of your kitchen can be sink, stove, worktop or anything which grab your attention. All you have to do is to work on that part or display to enhance. If it is a wall, choose a different colour to paint. If it is sink or worktop, place a small vase or colourful thing to add some colours.

Proportion and scale: Will it look WOW if you have cabinets of different sizes or will your kitchen glue the eyes of the viewers if there would be large TV or stove in the centre that would reduce the space? The answer is NO. There is need to apply the rules of proportion and scale when designing kitchen because the more the cabinets and worktops are scaled and proportionately-sized, the more the kitchen will be spacious and the more it will look impeccable. However, little larger stove or table can grab attention but it should not be too big that the viewer finds it irritating. You can get the best examples of scaled cabinets at companies of kitchen interior design in Dubai.

So, these are three main principles of creating an eccentric kitchen. Kitchen is the soul of the house. You cannot create a house without a kitchen. Therefore, it has to be designed beautifully. It should be spacious, symmetrical, and attention-grabbing. A person is required to work on the focal point of the kitchen to make it look WOW.
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