Scaling of teeth- complete introduction

What is scaling?

Scaling is a dental procedure which is used for the cleaning of teeth and gums and is carried out at all Hollywood smile clinics in Dubai. It deeply cleanse our teeth and gums and thus preventing our mouth from developing many diseases. It also reduces the production of germs and bacteria in our mouth. It is more beneficial than general cleaning because it deeply cleanse. It is preferable procedure to prevent from gum diseases.


We eat different types of foods in our daily life and all sorts of food are not healthy. Even there are many types of foods that are healthy for our body, but are not healthy for our teeth as you would find out during your root canal treatment in Dubai. and some sorts foods also cause the formation of plaque in our teeth and some foods cause staining of our teeth. Even if you do proper brushing, flossing it will not reduce your staining of teeth. so in this situation, scaling is best treatment. Those persons who have healthy gums, they don’t have to bear this type of problem because their gums regularly tiny particles of food from their teeth. but with the increase in the age, gums become less healthy and so their ability to remove food particles from teeth decreases. So in this situation, scaling helps to remove all those food particles from our mouth. And if plaque develops on your teeth then it causes many problems of your teeth. the major problem is bad breath. Then you cannot breath properly in public and people get irritated from you if you have bad breath problem.

Scaling procedure:

It involves the careful removal of bacteria from our teeth. it works below the gum line so it deeply cleanse our mouth. It also includes the scrapping of plaque. The dentists also uses the thin tool which can reach beneath the gum line where our toothbrush cannot reach and so it deeply cleanse our teeth. ultrasonic instrument can also be used by dentists for scaling of teeth. scaling is followed by the procedure known as root planning. It reaches to the surface of teeth and it is done same as that of scaling. And it also gives smooth surface to root of teeth. 

 So because of these benefits you must go regularly for scaling of your teeth to keep your teeth healthy.