Must have Chinese seasonings

Chinese food is one of those which pay great attention to textures and colours along with balanced flavours. It is their amazing culinary skills which make the food aromatic and mouth watering. For someone trying to incorporate Chinese food and flavours in their daily diet would be inclined to make Chinese food online order but adding simple seasonings and spices to your daily food will make your meals even more enjoyable.

  • You must use salt in your daily meals and you would be glad to know that salt is also one of those spices which is used abundantly in Chinese dishes. It is great for getting rid of smelly fish, sterilize your food and simultaneously preserve it from spoiling too.
  • There are different kinds of soy sauce which includes the light and dark one. Light one is mainly preferred for adding in stir fried recipes while the darker one is used for seasoning meat and adding colour to dishes.
  • Oyster sauce is a concoction of oysters, sugar, soy sauce, wheat, flour and water mixed in a sweet and salty flavour. If you consider vegan version then you can try the one available which is made out of mushrooms instead of oyster.
  • Sesame oil is used for mostly dressings and dipping sauces along with stir frying options. Its nutty aroma and red colour makes it the perfect candidate for marinade as well.
  • Rice vinegar and rice wine are two of the confusing options because of their almost similar names and similar texture. Rice vinegar can be added to soups and stir fried items while rice wine is used to eliminate bad odour help the flavours blend in together and better.
  • Chilli sauce is also one of the sauces used for stir frying veggies and techniques.
  • Star anise is a small eight prongs dark brown spice with black shiny seeds. It is widely used in slow cooked steamy dishes because of its aroma and flavour which it leaves.
  • Chilli powder is a very stark flavoured dried chilli powder which is a lot of times seen combined with Sichuan pepper in Chinese dishes. It is mainly used in spice oriented Chinese regions.

These were some of the basic flavours which you may or may not like but we believe they are a staple for every Chinese cuisine.

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