How to start your own Australian immigration consultancy firm

Starting your own consultancy firm has become profitable business now a days. But before starting your own consultancy firm you will have to get complete information of the countries for which you are applying visa procedures. You can start your own consultancy firm related to Canada but you will have to remain in contact with Canadian consulate Abu Dhabi. The demand of Australia is also increasing day by day so you can also start firm of Australian visa Dubai and you will offer Australian visas to persons living in Dubai. but you should get complete information for the visa procedure of that country. Here is complete guide for you by which you can start your own consultancy firm.

Make your business plan:

Before starting your own company you should make complete business plan to start your company. you should make plan about your investment and you must also know the risk factors associated with your business. In short, you should put all of your ideas on one page.

Know about your investment:

Then you should know about your investment and you should divide your budget according to your domains such as rent of your office, marketing of your office.

Get information of all procedures:

Then you should get information of all procedures of the countries for which you are providing visa services. If you have lack of information then people will not trust on your services.

Connect with representatives of that country:

Then you should connect with the representatives of that countries. If you are providing student visas then you should also connect with university representatives. For this, you should prepare list of universities and then you should find representatives in those countries.

Find location for your office:

Meanwhile you should find location for your office. You should choose location in the middle of city where maximum persons can come to your office.

Start preparing your office:

Then you should start preparing your office. you should hire interior designer for the designing of your office because the set up of your office is the main thing by which your customers will attract.

Start marketing:

Then you should start marketing of your company. you should hire marketing agency or freelance marketers who will do marketing of your company and you should go for digital media marketing and offline marketing as well.