Facts About Turkish Coffee

We have seen different videos of people making and having Turkish coffee. The seen of it looks very mouth watering and looks very tempting as well. And the fact is that coffee has been around us for many years, you can say that coffee has been recorded from the beginning of time and as far back as 800 A.D. and the way that the Turkish makes coffee is said to be the oldest ways of making coffee.

In Turkish ways, it is called cooking coffee. They do it by putting unique blend of grounded coffee in a stainless steel cup and they have a stove where the salt and sand is being heated continuously and they place the mix with water and let is boil and that is all they do. And the amazing thing is that the coffee is made tastier, foamier and light as compared to different coffee brands and giants in the world. They don’t add milk but still there is a chocolatey and milky flavor in the coffee. People say that there is something nice in the grounded coffee but no one knows because they use their own kind of brand.

The strange part is that the coffee made by Turkish ways stays warm for longer period of time, some people say that it is because of the stainless steel cup while some say that this is the effect of the salt and sand that is heated. But no one exactly know what is the reason some people also say that the edge of the cup makes the coffee to stay much longer than the other coffees. Some people who are sensitive towards caffeine also prefer Turkish coffee because as compared to other strong coffees that hit hard, the Turkish coffee has very little amount of caffeine. Like we said that people say that there is something about the coffee mix that they use. Some people also bought some of the mix and tried in the same way but for some reason the coffee didn’t give that same taste and aroma. Click here now to buy vending machine in UAE.

The coffee plays an important role in Turkey as well, when a couple gets married the woman must ask the family to make a cup of coffee and the bride must add the perfect pinch of salt that no one can tell if there is salt in the coffee or not.