How to Deep Clean Your Carpet

If you have a carpet at home then we understand that it must be difficult for you take care of it and clean or vacuum it every now and then. And if you own a pet or you have children and if you have some crazy guests last night, then we surely know that you are thinking of hiring deep cleaning companies in Dubai. But they can be very expensive and we are here to tell you about the ways of deep cleaning the carpet yourself and in cheap ways. Although there are many ways, but the ones we tested have proven to be best, and the first way is to lint roller. Just like liquid lint that we use for windows and for all purpose things, but this is a product that will rescue you from your stressful days.

All you have to open the can and it comes with a roller, you have to dip the roller in the solution and roll it on the carpet. Do it for one time and clean the carpet with a dry cloth or a light damp water. If you think that the carpet is still not that shiny and clean, you can do it again, repeat the whole procedure. The next thing that we are going to tell you, you are not going to believe it. In this step of cleaning, you have to use the iron, if you wondering how an iron will work in removing stains. If you spilled some juice or some ketchup, then first clean it with a cloth and let it dry and then iron the place. It will harden the place and you can scratch it off with your fingers. But do this only on your fabric furniture. You can also hire companies of villa cleaning in Dubai.

Then there is another trick that if you spill wine or another food or liquid that is prone to leave stains, the minute it has spilled make sure to dab it with tissues or paper towel and put cleaning detergent on it for a while. And if you are not at home and something have spilled and you think it is permanent. Then don’t worry do the same but keep the detergent on the stain for one day and then iron the fabric.