Things landlords want their tenants to know

We know it isn’t easy for both the parties to be dealing with troublesome other. Sometimes it is due to past experience that people don’t get to trust each other easily and this is what causes most of the rental dispute Dubai. The good thing is that it doesn’t always have to be this way because we have got you some really good tips and secrets that can be helpful for every tenant. Keep on reading:

  • One thing which a landlord hates most is their property marked for unpaid bills. It’s the ethical and moral responsibility of each tenant to pay their bills on time and when this doesn’t happen, you are bound to face some serious troubles from your landlord.
  • Shouting and being snarky is never the answer. Try to be gentle and polite even if you know the situation is getting out of hand and the person in front doesn’t seem to respect you at all. Being gentle shows your own behaviour and how considerate as a person you are.
  • Most of the tenants believe that informing about things once is enough and that landlords should get it fixed right there and then. This can’t always be possible because a lot of landlords have different properties for which they could be looking for different managers and bookkeeping firms in Dubai. So when you lodge a complaint, wait for it to work out.
  • If something breaks off in the house or some piece is scratched then don’t lie about it. Most of the landlords are well experienced in the business that they can immediately tell you what really happened. Just tell the truth and let the solution do its role.
  • Some tenants tend to make a huge issue out of just a dripping faucet by calling over and over again. To tell the truth landlords are not always free as they also have other responsibilities to get to so when you call a person again and again, imagine how they are going to feel and the kind of response that you can expect from them.
  • Don’t just stop paying your rent and bills. We know it is not always easy to manage so many expenses together and if rent is one thing which is troubling you the most then you should go ahead and tell your landlord about it instead of delaying.