Easter holiday decor ideas

First of all, we would like to share our condolences with all of you out there who were looking forward to celebrating Easter this year with their loved ones but due to the outbreak of the pandemic they can’t anymore. But look at the brighter side, you get to spend this year surrounded with your family and indulge in some crafting activities and lighten up the mood with home interior design Dubai kind of decor:

  • Pay attention to Easter accessories

We all know the basic tips and tricks for decorating Easter eggs by dipping them into coloured food die and wrapping tape around them, what most of us make mistake is in the step of presenting the craft and creativity. Pay a little extra attention in arranging accessories for egg for example using soda cans and up cycling them into something fun and beautiful which can later be used as a pretty piece of decor which matches and blends with the interiors of your house.

  • Give extra thought to Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt is something which is only fun when you have lots of cousins and friends surrounding your house while everyone fights for the eggs, but with COVID-19 social distancing has become essential which is why you need to make sure that you keep the spirits alive. Try designing an egg hunt for your kids by leaving subtle clues blended with home interior design Dubai of your house that would lead them to the ultimate treasure.

  • Mix up the sweets

Easter is all about chocolates and sweets and for all those parents that are concerned about the oral health of their children shouldn’t worry a lot because now you have got the perfect tip to mix up the snacks sweet and salty which will give your kids a variety of nutrition. With your kids not indulging with other kids and bringing treats home, it becomes a lot easier for you to handle and restrict the sugary intake. Consider this as a blessing and keep everyone healthy because immune system can be damaged with this much of sugar.

We wish you a very happy Easter and feel your sadness for not being able to celebrate it the way it should’ve been. Don’t worry and keep on going by maintaining social distance as this all will be over soon.